Why you should be using auto-layout in Figma, like, yesterday

Jordan Stimpson
September 4, 2023
5 min read

Hey design aficionados and SaaS folks! Let's talk about something that should be a staple in your digital design toolkit, yet I see many of you still pushing it to the side—Auto-layout in Figma. I mean, come on, it's like neglecting to add seasoning to your food!

I've Been There, Done That

I'll hold my hands up; when I first dipped my toes into the Figma pool, I too was blissfully unaware of this gem. I was resizing and repositioning elements manually across artboards like a troglodyte. 'Twas a time I look back on as my "Adobe XD era," and mate, it wasn’t pretty.

Time's a-Wastin'

Here's the deal: your time is a limited resource, especially if you're serving SaaS and tech clients who are continually rolling out new features at breakneck speeds. Auto-layout, my friends, is your ticket to saving a boatload of time.

The Perks of Auto-Layout


Once you set the rules, Figma is your dutiful servant, handling all the resizing and positioning for you. It’s basically the butler you've always wanted.

Quick Iteration

Time saved means more room to flex those creative muscles. Try out new layouts, rejig some elements—essentially, iterate like it’s going out of style.

Quality Control

Auto-layout ensures your designs are responsive across multiple devices. Gone are the days of inconsistent experiences. Say hello to universal applause.

Collaboration Ease

With auto-layout, everyone’s singing from the same hymn sheet. Your team can jump in and know exactly what's going on without a lengthy catch-up session.


Content changes? No problemo. The layout adjusts itself automatically, so no more frantic last-minute changes before a product launch.

Streamlined Processes for the Win

Since fully adopting auto-layout, I've been zipping through projects at a rate I never thought possible. All this extra time means I can delve deeper into perfecting my designs for clients who need to move with the speed of light.

Happy Clients and Smoother Developer Hand-offs

The equation is simple: More stuff done + better designs = ecstatic clients and an easier time for your development team.

The Takeaway

So listen up, if you’re not on the auto-layout train yet, it's time to buy your ticket and hop on. Master it, and you won’t just like it—you’ll love it, and it’ll love you back. Why make life complicated when you can make it brilliantly simple?

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