Boosting SaaS engagement with UX design best practices

Jordan Stimpson
September 4, 2023
5 min read

Alright, fellow SaaS enthusiasts! In our fast-paced digital realm, both in Blighty and beyond, nailing the finer points of user experience (UX) isn’t just a delightful bonus - it's your golden ticket to success.

1. The art of smooth registration

First impressions? Monumentally crucial. Whether it's a swift nod in acknowledgment or the exact brew of one's tea, it matters. So, when a curious soul embarks on your software journey, don’t bombard them with an endless interrogation. An email should suffice. Simple, elegant, and you're off the blocks!

2. Cracking onboarding

Once inside, give them the grand tour but sprinkle in some charm to avoid the snooze-fest. It’s like inviting someone for a tea chat; you’d offer biscuits without narrating their entire history, right? Show the essentials, keep it breezy, and let the intrigued dig deeper if they fancy.

3. Sleek and sensible navigation

A cluttered space is a no-no, whether it's one's shed or a digital platform. Your software shouldn't be the exception. Aim for intuitive design choices - as clear as picking your attire on a predictably unpredictable British summer day. Icons and tools, when organized well, can be as comforting as your favourite wellies.

4. Dashboards: not just a pretty face

Your dashboard should do more than just stand there looking dapper. It needs to inform and intrigue, answering those pertinent questions like: “How's it going?”, “What's the buzz?” or “Any bumps expected ahead?”. Think of it as your digital morning paper, crisp and enlightening.

5. Stand-by support, because we all need a hand

Let's be frank, even the best of us find ourselves in a tight spot from time to time. And in those moments, you wouldn’t want to leave a user dangling, would you? Make sure your support is on standby, ready to sort things out with the precision of a seasoned butler.


In a nutshell, whether you're a budding startup or an ambitious scale-up, perfecting your UX is akin to mastering the quintessential British etiquette - it requires tact and grace, but the outcomes? Absolutely smashing. Ready to amplify your SaaS prowess? Let's raise our glasses to that! 🥂

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